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When do plants go on sale at lowes – When do plants go on sale at Lowe’s? Savvy gardeners eagerly anticipate the arrival of these seasonal events, offering exceptional opportunities to enhance their outdoor spaces with vibrant greenery at budget-friendly prices. Throughout the year, Lowe’s hosts a variety of plant sales, each tailored to specific seasons, holidays, and clearance needs, ensuring that plant enthusiasts can find the perfect time to add life to their gardens.

From the vibrant blooms of spring to the lush foliage of summer, the changing seasons bring forth an array of plant varieties that grace Lowe’s shelves. As the holidays approach, festive plants take center stage, adding a touch of cheer to homes and hearts.

And when the growing season draws to a close, clearance sales provide the chance to snag incredible deals on plants that need a new home.

Seasonal Plant Sales

When do plants go on sale at lowes

Lowe’s offers seasonal plant sales throughout the year, providing opportunities for customers to purchase a variety of plants at discounted prices. These sales typically align with the changing seasons and the optimal planting times for different types of plants.

Spring Plant Sales

Spring plant sales at Lowe’s usually commence in March or April, coinciding with the arrival of warmer temperatures and the start of the gardening season. These sales feature a wide selection of annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees that are suitable for spring planting.

Customers can find discounts on popular spring-blooming flowers such as pansies, petunias, and impatiens, as well as vegetable plants like tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers.

Summer Plant Sales

Summer plant sales at Lowe’s typically occur in June or July, when temperatures are at their peak. These sales focus on heat-tolerant plants that thrive in the summer months. Customers can find discounts on tropical plants, succulents, and drought-resistant varieties such as lantana, hibiscus, and zinnias.

Fall Plant Sales

Fall plant sales at Lowe’s usually take place in September or October, as temperatures begin to cool. These sales feature plants that are well-suited for fall planting and can withstand the cooler temperatures. Customers can find discounts on mums, asters, and ornamental grasses, as well as trees and shrubs that provide fall foliage.

Winter Plant Sales

Winter plant sales at Lowe’s typically occur in December or January, when temperatures are at their lowest. These sales focus on plants that can tolerate cold temperatures or that can be grown indoors. Customers can find discounts on poinsettias, Christmas trees, and other holiday-themed plants, as well as houseplants such as succulents, ferns, and peace lilies.

Holiday Plant Sales

Retailers like Lowe’s typically offer significant discounts on plants during major holidays. These sales coincide with increased demand for plants as people seek to decorate their homes and gardens or give them as gifts.

Some of the most popular holidays for plant sales at Lowe’s include:

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a popular time to buy flowers and plants as gifts. Lowe’s typically offers a wide selection of blooming plants, hanging baskets, and gift sets during this holiday.

Father’s Day

While Father’s Day is not as closely associated with plants as Mother’s Day, Lowe’s still offers sales on a variety of plants that are popular with dads, such as grilling herbs, vegetable plants, and small trees.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer, and Lowe’s typically offers sales on plants that are suitable for outdoor planting, such as annuals, perennials, and shrubs.

Clearance Sales

Clearance sales at Lowe’s are typically held at the end of the growing season, around late summer or early fall. They may also be held during other times of the year to clear out excess inventory.

Plants may be placed on clearance for a variety of reasons, including overstocking, the end of the growing season, or damage. While clearance plants may not be in perfect condition, they can still be a great value for gardeners who are willing to put in a little extra care.

Tips for Identifying the Best Deals

  • Look for plants that are healthy and have no signs of pests or diseases.
  • Check the roots of the plants to make sure they are healthy and not rootbound.
  • Ask a Lowe’s employee about the specific care requirements of the plants you are interested in.
  • Be prepared to negotiate with the Lowe’s employee on the price of the plants.

Online Sales and Promotions

Lowe’s offers a wide range of online plant sales and promotions throughout the year, providing customers with convenient access to a vast selection of plants at competitive prices.

Online sales may differ from in-store sales in terms of timing and pricing. For instance, online promotions may start earlier or last longer than in-store sales, and online-exclusive discounts may be available. Additionally, online sales often feature free shipping on certain orders or exclusive discounts for online purchases.

Specific Online Promotions, When do plants go on sale at lowes

  • Free shipping on orders over a certain amount
  • Exclusive discounts for online purchases
  • Early access to sales and promotions
  • Online-only coupons and promo codes

Store-Specific Sales: When Do Plants Go On Sale At Lowes

When do plants go on sale at lowes

The timing of plant sales at Lowe’s can vary between different locations. This is due to factors such as local climate and customer demand. For example, stores in warmer climates may start their plant sales earlier in the year than stores in colder climates.

Additionally, stores in areas with high demand for plants may have more frequent sales than stores in areas with lower demand.

Tips for Finding Out About Upcoming Plant Sales at a Specific Lowe’s Store

  • Check the Lowe’s website for store-specific sales.
  • Sign up for the Lowe’s email list to receive notifications about upcoming sales.
  • Follow Lowe’s on social media to get updates on sales and promotions.
  • Call your local Lowe’s store to inquire about upcoming plant sales.